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    4 November at 22:07 from atlas

    The first time I heard about the Tangle Teezer was googling 'best hair detangler brush'. With rave reviews from beauty editors and bloggers I knew from then on I had to try this, only to find out from their website that they only stocked them in the UK. So I sent an enquiry to see if they had Australian stockists and a week later I received my Tangle Teezer.

    I've had long hair since I can remember and with long hair comes the hairs that fall out in the shower and every time you comb or brush your hair. Let's face it, it's not just long hair, it's all of us so we've all gone through it. I started using this brush the day I received it which was about a month ago now, usually straight after a shower and this brush certainly delivers what it promises - best hair detangler brush! The curved handling fits well into the palm of my hand, perfect for either left or right handers. After my first stroke from root to tip I was impressed at how easy it glides through my hair without having to tug on it like I usually do with combs. Though I must say it does take a little longer to use than your normal ordinary comb, it almost doesn't matter because most of the time you're just in awe at how incredible this brush tackles tangles.

    This Tangle Teezer also did well distributing product into my hair evenly and seems to be suitable on any hair type, wet, dry or fresh from the beach, long, short, coarse or fine, even extensions and colour treated hair and it's great for all ages. If you want to minimize hair breakage and fall out from everytime you brush/comb your hair then I recommend you get yourself Tangle Teezer as one of your hairbrush staples. Every time I use this after the shower, I'm always so happy to see less than 5 strands of hair on the brush. Seriously one of the best hair brush inventions to date. Really happy with the results and will definitely continue to use this. This is huge in the UK and USA so I hope that we all get on the bandwagon on this one.

    Another great thing about this, it comes in six colours, a compact as well as a flowerpot - perfect for young girls.

    To the creator Shaun P - you are a (hair) legend!


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